Tex-bond Water Based Belt & Pallet Adeshive

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TeX-BOND is a high quality water based adhesive. As a screen printer's adhesive, it remains tacky. TeX-BOND is used on the pallet to secure garments for printing and can be sprayed on belt printers. As a general purpose adhesive, TeX-BOND can also be used as a general purpose adhesive. I Clean area to be treated, apply TeX-BOND by brush, spray or roller. Use full strength or can be diluted one part product up to one part water. II When using in a spray application, apply in a quick smooth "S" pattern covering the entire surface. Spray with a hand held spray bottle, electric spray gun, or air operated unit. AVAILABLE SIZES: 1 GAL. CONT., 4x1 GAL. CASE, 5 GAL. PAIL, 55 GAL. DRUM Available Through Distribution.
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